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Pinventory, LLC


I help individuals, families and small businesses prepare for any type of loss or damage, (including fraud,) preferably proactively but also reconstructively by creating home and life inventories.

Pinventory Home Inventory, our secure, web-based SaaS product, helps create inventories that include physical and digital assets with provenance, and critical documents, including credit cards. The resulting information is available to the client and their trusted advisors anywhere and anytime they need it.

I additionally offer a confidential, customized service, Pinventory Personalized, coming on-site and creating home or life inventories for the HNW population. Clients can gift the software or the service to families, friends and to their own clients.

Finally, I'm the founder of Home Inventory Academy, teaching people how to create a legacy division of their firm so they can service their own clients, creating a unique, valuable service to their clients and a new revenue stream for their company.

My mission is that no one ever have to go through what I did, when my parents were in a car crash that instantly killed my mom and left my dad with traumatic brain injury for the next 14 years.  I was his primary care coordinator and, when he passed away, I went on a 5-year scavenger hunt, looking for things so I could settle the estate.

I believe in and practice proactive risk management and mitigation so that people are prepared for whatever life brings them!